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Chihiro has always loved creating precious little things, even from an early age.  At first she thought she would become a painter when she started college as a studio-art major. There, she discovered great fun and endless possibilities using three dimensional materials.  She learned how to work with wood, fiber and metals.  Transferring to a different school gave her the opportunity to meet another material: glass. Chihiro completed a bachelor's fine art degree at the Massachusetts College of Art with a glass major with a minor in small metals/jewelry in 2000. In 2002, Chihiro started a business named 314 Studio and has been traveling around the country attending various craft shows. She also started wholesaling her lines to select galleries and museums in 2003.  Since then she has won several awards, including Saul Bell Design Awards from 2003 through 2007and the Niche Award in 2005.  Chihiro's goal for the near future is to be included in a small group show with her one-of-a-kind jewelry and small sculptures.

"Grand Flower Necklace"
Sterling Silver, Rose gold, Vermeil, Rhodium
"Lotus Flower Pendant"
Sterling Silver
"Multi Circle Pendant"
Sterling Silver
"Multi Flower Necklace"
Sterling Silver
Continuous  "Flora Necklace"
Continuous "Flora Bracelet" gold.
"Flora Necklace" with quartz
"Large Pin Rose"
'Flora Ring" gold
​"Solid Flora"
 small with pearl rose
"Solid Flora" gold
"River Cuff"
"River Pin" small
"Vine Pin" large
"Vine Necklace"
Chihiro Makio