Zivile Pupinyte was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania. She has studied in Vilnius University and then eventually moved to Philadelphia in 2002. Zivile Art jewelry for daring women - has been created in 2004 and since has been featured in several fashion shows and photo shoots in Philadelphia and New York City, as well has been shown in many gallery shows in East Coast.
Zivile has traveled all over the world accompanied by a fascination with natural materials and a passion for crafting jewelry honed in her childhood. Zivile's process begins in a dream, finding inspiration in the shapes and colors that come to her in her sleep. Wide awake, she sets to work, arranging precious stones and weaving silver and metals to recreate the vision that came to her at night. Without knowing of the final project, without patterns or plans, she works until the individual creation tells her it is complete.
  Zivile Pupinyte creates wearable art for daring women. Using exotic stones and natural materials, Zivile's meticulous handiwork and lucid creative process has yielded an eclectic collection of jewelry that is both fashionable and refreshingly unique. Her pieces lend adventurous spirit to haute couture.
  Pupinyte s jewelry collections are strictly hand made and one of a kind. She uses jaspers, carnelian, jade, garnets, labradorite, amber, sea coral fans, shells and anything she has acquired in her travels. She also uses leather, distinctive fabrics and lace. Zivile takes her inspiration from architecture juxtaposed with natural forms like plants and stone formations. Much of her jewelry is created with the intention that the piece be transformable. She makes each piece by hand, and plays with the different ways it could be worn to blend seamlessly into a garment or outfit or stand out alone as a focal point. Zivile Pupinyte holds 2 collection presentations a year.
Zivile Pupinyte 
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"Rose Bush"  Mixed Media
"Crumble"  Mixed Media
"The Grid II"  Mixed media