Farmland, Embroidery on Painted Linen, 16”x 9” x 2”

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Karin Birch
Karin Birch has been using hand embroidery and hand stitched beadwork combined with acrylic paint as a medium for Art making for twenty some years. The act of hand stitching thread and beads is a slow and repetitive process that affords the space for uninterrupted thought. The act of painting is spontaneous, in the moment, physical movement. Combining these two opposite states gives form to endless exploration in to the mystery of being. 

"I work intuitively, mining personal experiences, energy, movement, nature and the occasional external interruptions of politics. I use this medium of minutiae as a practice for connecting with the vastness."
-Karin Birch

Tenuous, Embroidery on Painted Linen, 16”x 9” x 2”

Untitled, Embroidery on Painted Linen, 16”x 9” x 2”