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Gerhard Meling was born in Haugesund, Norway, April 15th 1945. He is a widely-traveled man, having spent parts of his childhood in England, Egypt, and USA. He has since lived and worked at different places in Norway, Denmark, Belgium, France, England, and the USA. He currently spends most of his time in Spain and Norway. He was educated as a stained glass artist at Lamb Studios N.J. USA, and has done a number of fine works and decorations, both public and private. The most important of these are the installations at the United Nation Building for Marc Chagall, and the Rockefeller Memorial Monastery, for Henry Matisse. He has also carried out restoration at the ancient Avaldsnes Church at Karmøy, Norway.
After working for several years in this branch of art, he changed media, following his natural affinity towards the virgin canvas and pure, primary colors.
His development as a painter began with thorough studies of the ocean, as well as reliance on personal experiences and memories of the sea from his childhood environment.

During his early career as a painter, Meling painted numerous portraits, through which he achieved very promising critical acclaim and awards. His focus at this early stage was primarily post-expressionism. However, he quickly redirected his focus to post-cubism.

In 1989 he invented Cube-Art®, entitling his first major work "Discubery"®. Since then he has worked with Cube-Art® and has developed this into an interactive art form. An ambitious, proud and honest artist, his eternal quest for truth and beauty pervades his pictures in a manner rarely seen in contemporary art
Gerhard Meling
The Gallery,Tenafly, N.J., USA -68
Haugesund Kunstforening, Norway-72
Gallerie Marcel Bernheim, Paris-73, opened by the norwegian ambasador, Hersleb Vogt
Festival International de Peinture et d´Art Grafic-Plastique, Bruxelles-73. Paris-74, -75, -77, 78. Barcelona -76. Palma, Mallorca -79, -89, Venezia -83, Roma -85, -86
Salon d´Independance, Grand Palais, Paris, -74, -75
Galleri Hollberg, Oslo, Norway -76, -77
Galleri Tkim-Quymh, Paris -78
Galleri International, New York -78
International Festial, Osaka, Japan -78, -79, -80
Annen Etasjen , Haugesund, Norway -79
Ukrainian Institute of Amerika Inc., New York, -80
The Bedfort Art Galleri, Brussels,Belgium -80
Galleriet, Stavanger, Norway -80
Les Nouvaux Humoristes Festival, Paris -83
Galleri Siverts, Bergen, Norway, -83
Festival International Montmatre, Gallerie Chappe, Paris -84
Edinburg International Festival, Scotland -84 (BOX- 1 )
Bergen International Festival, Bergen, Norway -88
Festival D´Art en Espagne, Palma de Mallorca, Spain -89
Casa Cultura, Alfaz del Pi, Spain -91
Museum Vallobra, Brussels -93
"Høvleriet", Haugesund, Norway -95
Galleri Amanda, Haugesund,Norway -96
Skude Galleri, Haugesund, Norway -99
"Borgøydagen ", Borgøy, Norway -99
"The Candid Arts Trusts", with the perfomance by; Dominic Miller, co-writer & guitarist with Sting, London 2001
Private collections and presentations:

United World College of Atlantic, Wales, President H.R.H. Prince Charles
Albert Lea Museum, USA
Elmhurst Art Musum,Chigago, USA
Museo dell Academia, Italy
Vallobra Museum d´Art, Brussels and Paris
Playboy Mansion West, Los Angeles, USA
Resturation of the ancient Avaldsnes Churh, Karmøy, Norway
Installations of Stained Glass Windows in Rockefeller Memorial Monastery, the UnitedNation building, and many different Churches in USA

Galleri Rafael, Altea, Spain


1. HM King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, Bhutan

2. HM King George Tupon V, Tonga

3. HIH Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie, Ethiopia

4. HRH Prince Osman Rifat Ibrahim, Egypt

5. HRH Prince Kardam Saxe-Coburg, Bulgaria

6. HRH Prince Remigius Kanagarajah, Jaffna

7. HM King Abdullah II, and HM Queen Ramia, Jordan

8. HM Queen Elizabeth II, United Kingdom
"Musician 1" Acrylic on Canvas  3'X5.25'  (SOLD)
"Clown"  Acrylic on Canvas  3'X5.25'
"The Dream"  acrylic on canvas  3.25'X2.6'
"Playing Muse"   acrylic on canvas  3.25'X2.6'
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"Laced Coffee"
"Artist and Model"
'Beach Delight'
'Reflecting Woman'