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Time Based Art Raphael DiLuzio
Seventh Veil
Act 1  Equus

On July 18, 2008 Raphael DiLuzio was hit from behind in his car while stopped at a light by a sixteen-wheel truck carrying a full payload. He sustained a concussion that put him into a post concussive state. He has been undergoing nearly a yearlong recovery. This work is his first work produced since the accident. He was born in a costal community of California. 

As a child he wanted to make images in any way possible from drawing to early experiments with 16 mm film. At the age of nine Raphael began private studies in drawing which he continued until he was sixteen. He graduated with a BFA in Drawing and Painting from California State University Long Beach and latter attended graduate school; first at Cornell then the University of Pennsylvania where he received my MFA in Painting. In the early nineties he lived to New Orleans where his career as a painter took hold. In his traditional artwork, painting and drawing, he is interested in creating pictorial narratives. 

In the mid nineties he began working with emerging digital mediums; again simply wanting to make images in any way possible but seeking a way to truly transition from painting in a fixed medium to painting in time. By the late nineties he was creating time-based digital paintings along with traditional painting and drawing. 

Raphael is deeply involved in exploring the relation between his formal traditional training in painting and digital time-based media reconnecting a traditional praxis in painting with technology. The result is time-based projected paintings, installation, live digital performances and visualization. He actively publishes his theories of time-based painting and working in a time-based medium as well as critically examining how a time-based media affects our culture. He currently resides in Maine, is a tenured Professor at the University of Maine and maintains a working studio in Portland Maine.