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Irpinian Road/Oil on Canvas Panel/9"x12"/$900
Nastro Rosso/Oil on Canvas Panel/14"x18"/$2,000
Natura Morte/Oil on Canvas/24'x24"/$3,000
Nude Study/Oil on Panel/10"x16"/$2,400
Nusco Citta/Oil on panel/11"x14"/$1,100
Paternopoli/Oil on Canvas Panel/11"x14"/$1,100
Porta al Fiume/Oil on Panel/12"x24"/$2,200 Sold
Remembrance/Oil on Canvas/24"x36"/$6,000
Strada per Nusco/Oil on Canvas/16"x20"/$2,400
Strada Verso Montemerano/16"x20'/$2,400
Tenda Rosso/Oil on Canvas/31"x44"/$7,000
The Artists Wish/Oil on Canvas/30"x30"/$6,000